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Interview with AusBiz for TrulyAus Magazine


by Emily Riches | May 22, 2024 | Business

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Australian Power Equipment interview published in Truly Aus Magazine

Abby Crawford and Andrew Cockbain are the driving forces behind Australian Power Equipment, a leading provider of low, medium and high-voltage power solutions.


We chatted to Abby about their journey so far, the importance of sustainability and what’s next for their business.


Can you tell us a bit about your background, and how you came to found Australian Power Equipment?

It’s a bit of a funny story! We started the company during Covid with just one product: the Cambria Association for the Blind (CAB) cable management systems. Both Andrew and myself were working full-time in consulting roles and thought this would give our respective kids a chance to learn new business skills. It turns out we ended up running it as a small side business instead.

It wasn’t long before we took on the agency for B&D transformers and within the year had also added Üntel Kablo cables and Leistung Energie switchgear. The business grew rapidly from there, and now we have both worked full-time in the company for more than two years.

Andrew is an electrical engineer with an extensive background in providing power solutions to mining and infrastructure projects. My background is in business management and development, from multi-national organisations to smaller start-ups – so I have loved the journey of starting and growing Australian Power Equipment.


Australian Power Equipment is renowned for its quality equipment. Can you talk us through some of the equipment you offer and your unique approach to addressing urgent equipment needs?

Safety and reliability is critical in our industries, and we supply the highest quality equipment certified to Australian and IEC standards. We offer all manner of industrial cable, transformers, switchgear and substations. The most important part of our supply chain is building teams based on mutual values, trust and a commitment to quality and delivery.

Our critical sourcing services offer immediate solutions to critical issues. New equipment takes time in manufacturing and delivery, and there are many situations where sites simply can’t be shut down. We utilise our in-stock products, refurbished second-hand equipment and connections to provide quick solutions. A recent example was a major mine client that urgently required a critical electric drive; we sourced the part and had it flown into the country within three days.


One of the core pillars of your business is a commitment to sustainability. Why is sustainability important to you and can you share some specific initiatives or strategies you’ve implemented?

Sustainability is more than a buzzword to us: it is a core value. Our critical sourcing and second-hand division focuses on a circular-economy model. Our new equipment focuses on sustainable fuels, and net-zero carbon footprint. We also work with our supply chain to assist in creating sustainable pathways.

Our greatest joy is our community and environment initiatives. We are sponsors of Aussie Ark and have partnered in their endangered Broad Headed Python project, sponsoring an Indigenous ranger to assist in managing their capture, breed and release program.

We are also a Primary Sponsor of Taronga Conservations Society Australia and we are very excited about the projects they are running.  Protecting our native Australian wildlife is extremely important to us.


You recently received an Australian Enterprise Award – congratulations! What projects are on the horizon for Australian Power Equipment as you continue to grow?

Thank you! It was wonderful to be recognised with the award. We are growing in many directions. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and as a small team we can be very agile in our approach. We are also focusing on the renewables sector, where we have had some new clients reach out to us with wind and solar projects. We also have clients in the defence forces, transportation, agri-business and construction sectors. Our focus is to continue to service our existing clients and grow further into these sectors to supply superior service and quality solutions.

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