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Australian Power Equipment are the Agent for WE Walter Substations

WE Walters

WE Walter are the market leader in providing engineered custom turnkey solutions of mobile units and security industrial systems worldwide. 

Flexibility is our strength.

Our mission is to establish trusted and reliable relationships with our customers.

WE Walters 50 years
WE Walters Power Solutions
Engineered Mobile Units


USE: Outdoor installation for high tech applications and heavy industry

ENVIRONMENT INSTALLATIONS: surface & underground applications

container substation

Fully Customisable.

The AT series Medium Voltage heavy-duty substation for outdoor installation is a free standing, containerised unit, specifically designed for harsh environments

The substation is provided with MV switchboard, transformer and LV switchboard, designed to comply with local regulations and customer requirements.


USE: Certified EEX-P Group 1 for tunnelling with presence of methane

ENVIRONMENT INSTALLATIONS: tunnelling, civil construction sites

pressurised substation

Fully Customisable.

The ATX series pressurised free standing substation has an internal overpressure housing EEX-pdia | 150°C" suitable for group 1 conditions and classified zones, is a free-standing containerised unit, specially designed for civil engineering construction sites where there is the presence of gas.

It is completely self-contained and thanks to its strong structure, can operate in high ambient conditions

USE: up to 36KV Prefabricated Compact Substation



Sierra substation

Fully customisable.

SIERRA II Series, type tested prefabricated compact substation, suitable for secondary distribution. No costs for onsite assembly and minimal civil engineering.

The small profile makes SIERRA II easy to install discreetly in high foot traffic locations. It guarantees a high level of safety.

PAK Series

USE: Reinforced compact Substation designed to be installed in tunnelling & industrial applications

ENVIRONMENT INSTALLATIONS: Tunnel, Mine and Construction site

PAK Series substation

Fully customisable.


PAK Series Mobile Power substation is a reinforced unit for the power transformation MV/LV and distribution.

Designed with a Resistant, reinforced and compact structure to ensure high performance in isolated areas such as Tunnel, Mine and industrial sites.

To facilitate handling, PAK Series can be installed on a truck, trailer or skid mounted.

PAK-exp Series

USE:  EXX-P Group I Pressurised Substation

ENVIRONMENT INSTALLATIONS: Tunnelling, coal mines, petrol, chemical

PAK exp substation

Fully customisable.


Pressurised substation "internal overpressure housing EEx-pdia I 150°C"

PAK -exp series have been developed in two different designs:

- design Eex_p I (group I) for underground applications with presence of methane (CH4)

- design Eex_p II (group II) for petro chem applications.

PAK-exp Series

USE: Containerised prefabricated substation

ENVIRONMENT INSTALLATIONS: Arid high ambient locations

PAK-exp Series

PAK exp substation

Fully customisable.


This prefabricated Substation can be used to supply quick and reliable energy in remote locations. DESERT MV Series is a self contained and completely integrated unit designed for a specific purpose.

It complies with local regulations concerning weight and dimensions for transportability and services, and for all specified conditions in respect of climate and electricity demand.

Tunnel Distribution & Lighting Box

USE: Temporary electrical installation in compliance with the Local Standard Authorities

ENVIRONMENT INSTALLATIONS: Tunnelling, construction site, operative in Extreme Conditions.

Tunnel Distribution

Fully customisable.


The Tunnel Distribution & Lighting Box provides a complete solution to the contractors in tunnel work, for temporary electrical installation in compliance with the Local Standard Authorities.

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