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Mining shutdown

Don't let your project come to a STOP


Australian Power Equipment was formed to support clients across the Power Generation, Infrastructure and Resources sectors. 

Australian Power Equipment supports customers in critical infrastructure sourcing services, that meet

  • key safety objectives

  • critical delivery time lines

  • reduction in production downtime

  • long term application &

  • short term application requirements

Australian Power Equipment is uniquely placed in the market with knowledge and relationships with existing infrastructure, industry and resource customers who have stranded assets that can be utilised to meet customer requirements during critical equipment failure.

Australian Power Equipment can source or supply fit for purpose equipment in the low, medium and high voltage sectors. We can supply long or short term applications, including but not limited to;

  • Outdoor HV switchgear; air break switches, SF6 and vacuum circuit breakers from 33kV to 330kV

  • Indoor MV switchgear from 3.3kV to 33kV metal clad from 630 to 2500amp rated from 20kA to 50kA

  • Transportable switch rooms with indoor rated switchgear from 3.3kV to 33kV

  • Transformers and kiosk substations liquid filled from 250kVA to 50MVA up to 132kV.

  • Cast Resin transformers from 250kVA to 4MVA

  • Mobile surface substations ranging from 500kVA to 25MVA and primary voltage from 11Kv to 132kV

  • Mobile kiosk substations from 250kVA for pumping applications to 4MVA containerised units for power supplies to plants or accommodation complexes

  • Diesel and Gas generators ranging from 500kVA to 5MVA 415volt and 11kV

  • 415v metal clad Switchboards.

If you have power requirements across any sector, we can assist.

Secondhand switchgear
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