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Australian Power Equipment - Committed to Circular Economy & Sustainability

Updated: Feb 26

Australia Power Equipment, a leading provider of proven power equipment in the Power Generation, Infrastructure and Resources sector, are pleased to launch its repurposed and refurbished equipment division including transformers, substations, switchgear, and cables. With a strong commitment to sustainability, Australian Power Equipment actively contributes to the circular economy by repurposing stranded assets and refurbishing them to re-enter the market. Their rigorously tested and purpose-built approach ensures that the equipment is compliant with specific site requirements, providing reliable and environmentally friendly solutions. See a list of items available here

Committed to circular economy reducing downtime, transport  requirements and reusing existing equipment
Australian Power Equipment - repurposing substations and transformers

As part of their sustainability efforts, Australian Power Equipment ensures all equipment is tested by third-party certified testers, and clients are able to nominate which company equipment is sent to should they have a preference. Each piece of equipment undergoes careful electrical engineering evaluation and modifications are made as required to meet client needs, ensuring that it is purpose-built to meet the unique demands of different sites. This process ensures Australian Power Equipment helps its clients optimise their operations, reduce downtime, and enhance productivity.

Purchasing near-new and refurbished equipment offers numerous benefits for sites. Firstly, it significantly reduces costs compared to acquiring new equipment. The purchase or hire price is less than new equipment, and business downtime costs are dramatically reduced. While new equipment can take 12-18 months to be ordered and delivered, Australian Power Equipment’s refurbished equipment is ready to deliver or may require only a few weeks for modifications to be purpose ready. This shortened timeframe is saving businesses by streamlining their operations and reducing downtimes.

Moreover, choosing near new and refurbished equipment positively impacts the environment. By repurposing and refurbishing existing equipment, Australian Power Equipment reduces the need for new production, saving resources and reducing waste and significantly reduces the transport footprint with local transport being required rather than international shipping. This sustainable approach aligns with the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility, offering businesses a way to make eco-conscious choices while enjoying the advantages of compliant reliable equipment.

“Our goal is to offer businesses a comprehensive range of refurbished equipment options, allowing them to find the solutions that precisely meet their site requirements,” said Andrew Cockbain, Director of Australian Power Equipment. “With our commitment to sustainability, purpose-built refurbishment, and exceptional engineering support to our clients, we aim to be the preferred choice for businesses seeking trusted and environmentally friendly equipment that optimises performance”.

Andrew Cockbain and Abby Crawford, Directors of Australian Power Equipment, are committed to increasing sustainability in their business
Andrew Cockbain, Director Australian Power Equipment

For more information about Australian Power Equipment’s repurposed and refurbished equipment, visit their website at or contact the team at 1300 040 500.

Australian Power Equipment is a leading provider of low-voltage, medium-voltage and high-voltage equipment across the Power Generation, Infrastructure and Resources sectors. As the agents for Untel, B&D, Leistung and CAB they can supply proven new equipment to specification. With a strong commitment to sustainability, the company also provides repurposed and refurbished equipment, with stock available from their warehouses that meet specific site requirements. Australian Power Equipment is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and support, ensuring businesses can make best-practice decisions for their operations.


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