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Powering Performance: Australian Power Equipment partners with Üntel for Mining & Tunnelling Cables Excellence

Updated: Apr 24

In the demanding realms of Australian mining and tunnelling, where safety and operational excellence are paramount, the choice of equipment and materials holds immense significance. Üntel, a distinguished manufacturer with over 30 years of expertise, stands at the forefront, providing specialised mining & tunnelling cables rigorously crafted to meet the required standards of quality, safety, and durability.


Setting the Standard for Safety and Quality


Mining and tunnelling operations demand equipment that can withstand harsh conditions while adhering to stringent safety standards. Üntel's commitment to excellence is reflected in its compliance to AS/NZS 1802 and AS/NZS 2802 (mining) and to VDE LSOH (tunnelling)– achieving this cable quality requires years of cable manufacturing and mining & tunnelling industry experience and knowledge. Working closely with Australian Power Equipment, the team are ensuring that every cable meets the rigorous requirements essential for safe and efficient operations in Australia.


Unrivalled Performance in Challenging Environments


Üntel's mining  & tunnelling cables are engineered to excel in the most demanding conditions encountered in Australian mining and tunnelling. With robust construction and exceptional resistance against tearing, crushing and abrasion, these cables guarantee long-lasting performance, even in the harshest of environments.


Tailored Solutions for the Australian Market


In collaboration with Australian Power Equipment (APE), Üntel delivers tailored solutions designed specifically for the unique challenges of the Australian mining and tunnelling industries. As the exclusive agent of Üntel cables in Australia, APE ensures that these cables meet and exceed the requirements of local standards and regulations, providing operators with the confidence they need in their infrastructure. Further, APE has travelled to Üntel manufacturing site in Istanbul, Türkiye to develop purpose-specific cable adaptions to meet unique requirements.


 Advantages Amplified for Australian Operators


1. Compliance: Üntel's mining cables not only comply with relevant Australian standards but surpass them, ensuring adherence to the highest safety and quality specifications essential for Australian mining and tunnelling operations. Cables are independently tested and certified to IEC as well as AS/NZS


2. Durability: Designed for heavy-duty use, Üntel's cables withstand the rigours of Australian mining environments, guaranteeing long working life and minimising the risk of breakdowns or incidents. Recent developments in the sheathing application to suit the Australian environment have demonstrated even longer work life for some cables.


3. Flexibility: Easy to install and flexible, Üntel's cables offer versatility in deployment, adapting to the dynamic needs of mining and tunnelling applications in Australia.


4. Safety Features: With flame retardant properties and resistance to various environmental factors, Üntel's cables prioritise safety, providing peace of mind to Australian operators and minimising operational risks.


Global Expertise, Local Support


Üntel's commitment to excellence extends beyond borders, with exports to over 70 countries worldwide. With APE as the conduit for Üntel's cables in Australia, operators benefit from local support and expertise, ensuring prompt assistance and seamless integration into Australian mining and tunnelling operations.




In the relentless pursuit of safety, quality, and performance in Australian mining and tunnelling, the partnership between APE and Üntel brings forth a synergy that elevates industry standards. With specialised cables engineered to excel in the harshest Australian environments and comply with the most stringent regulations, Üntel empowers operators to navigate the challenges of underground and above-ground operations with confidence and efficiency. As the industry evolves, Üntel remains steadfast in its commitment to innovation, ensuring that Australian mining and tunnelling ventures continue to thrive with unparalleled reliability and excellence.

Australian Power Equipment partners with Üntel to bring high quality Cables to Australia

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